DREAMLINE company has filed in 2011 an application in the competition for funding from the European Regional Development under  Operational Programme Innovative Economy. 

“Creating a unique platform for the technical and aviation industry raising specialist qualifications in the field of English language”.

The project was positively rated and approved for funding by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development . This has enabled its realization from March 2012.

The project assumes the creating an innovative and international portal that enables the verification of knowledge and undergo specialized training courses in technical aviation English and technical English. The courses are mainly for companies interested in specialized training of its employees. There will also be a great tool in vocational schools and technical colleges as a professional complement of technical English learning.

The e-learning method allows the use of the product by the persons concerned in the world. The only requirement is a computer with internet access. We also prepare a version of the course for mobile devices, which will enable learning through a smartphone or tablet. An important advantage is the ability to learn at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , which for busy engineers is often very valid.

The priority in the creation of courses is a professional lesson content which is achieved through the use of specialized engineering knowledge and experience methodical teachers of English.

Created courses will take the form of multimedia as a form of training more attractive and increases its efficiency.

The project involves the additional functionality, the module, which will test the knowledge of technical English for companies recruiting workers from industry.

„Stworzenie unikatowej platformy dla branży lotniczej i technicznej podnoszącej kwalifikacje z dziedziny specjalistycznego języka angielskiego”.
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