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• E-learning solutions for businesses interested in increasing qualifications of their employees we offer special discounts. Access to platform is based on individual need. There is possibility to design special courses suitable to specific business and install extra educational materials. We offer help in project disign for European Union grants.


• Our comprehensive e-learning platform is easy to navigate and supports businesses in increasing qualifications of their employees. It allows to individualise any educational contents (text, graphics, animations, films, sounds, as well multiple interactive tasks). E-learning platform allows to monitor and control continues progress in participant learning.

Integrated computer recruitment tests

• We offer multiple tests allowing to verify knowledge in technical English TechnicalEnglish.Language. Quickly we are able to evaluate educational level in Technical English. Product allows to attach own tests and company logotype.

Advantages of specialized e-learning trainings by DREAMLINE:

  • High efficiency Interactive form of training improves learning process.
  • Individual learning process – non-stop access to learn. It allows to systematic learning process even for people with limited involvement in traditional learning. Participant makes individual decision when and how much material he/she will accomplish. Student decides about the learning plan. Learning process is tailored to individual pace.
  • Professional content – prepared by aviation engineers in cooperation with linguistic specialists and consulted with companies from aviation industry.
  • Possibility of training a large number of people at the same time.
  • Low training costs in comparison with the traditional methods. E-learning courses allows to lower learning costs up to 70% per person .
  • Possibility of continuous progress monitoring. E-learning platform allows to monitor and control continues progress in participant learning.
  • Possibility of adding company materials according to individual needs.
  • Platform personalisation (possibility adding notices and logotype).
  • Possibility in blended-learning course organisation – e-learning platform combined with traditional classroom learning.
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E-learning courses for companies and individuals

Special offer for business and schools
  • Courses offer variety of terms
  • E-learning software
  • Computer recruitment tests
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